Publikasi Ilmiah

Jurnal Internasional

Deposit structure, market discipline, and ownership type: Evidence from Indonesia

AuthorIrwan Trinugroho, Putra Pamungkas, Mochammad Doddy Ariefianto and Amine Tarazi

Economic Systems Vol 44/2020 -

The Effect of Competition and Capacity on Intermediation Cost: A Cross Country Study

AuthorIrwan Trinugroho, Mochammad Doddy Ariefianto, Rindang Widuri and Edi Abdurachman

International Journal of Economics and Management 2020 -

Can Innovation Improve Income Inequality? Evidence from Panel Data

AuthorSiong Hook Law, Wei Theng Lau, and Naseem N. A. M, Irwan Trinugroho

Economic Systems 2020 -

Loan growth, capitalization, and credit risk in Islamic banking

AuthorWahyoe Soedarmono, Muhammad Sobarsyah, Wahdi Salasi April Yudhi, Irwan Trinugroho, Ari Warokka, and Sigid Eko Pramono

International Economics Vol 163/2020 -

Competition and stability in the credit industry: banking vs. factoring industries

AuthorMarta Degl’Innocenti, Franco Fiordelisi, and Irwan Trinugroho

British Accounting Review Vol 52/2020 -

Depositors’ trust: Some empirical evidence from Indonesia

AuthorHalim Alamsyah, Moch. Doddy Ariefianto, Herman Saheruddin, Seto Wardono, Irwan Trinugroho

Research in International Business and Finance Vol 54/2020 -

Equity Financing at Islamic Banks: Do Competition and Bank Fundamentals Matter?

AuthorIrwan Trinugroho, Tastaftiyan Risfandy,Burhanudin Harahap, Arif Rahman Hakim, Sutaryo and Linggar Ikhsan Nugroho

Emerging Markets Finance and Trade 2020 -

What Determine Loan Rate and Default Status in Financial Technology Online Direct Lending? Evidence from Indonesia

AuthorWimboh Santoso, Irwan Trinugroho, and Tastaftiyan Risfandy

Emerging Markets Finance and Trade 2020 -

Islamic banks’ equity financing, Shariah supervisory board, and banking environments

AuthorCeline Meslier, Tastaftiyan Risfandy, and Amine Tarazi

Pacific-Basin Finance Journal Vol. 62/2020 -

Dual market competition and deposit rate setting in Islamic and conventional banks

AuthorTastaftiyan Risfandy, Amine Tarazi, and Irwan Trinugroho

Global Finance Journal 2020 -

Business strategys – MSME performance relationship: innovation and accounting information systems as mediators

AuthorLyna Latifah, Doddy Setiawan, Rahmawati and Y Anni Aryani

Journal of Small Business and Enterprise Development 2020 -

IFRS, Family Ownership and Earnings Management in Indonesia banking industry

AuthorDoddy Setiawan, Fauziah Md Taib, Lian Kee Phua and Hong Kok Chee

International Journal of Economics and Management Vol 14/2020 -

Value relevance of realized gains and losses on available-for-sale securities

AuthorRetno Yulianti, Ari Kuncara Widagdo, Doddy Setiawan and Bambang Sutopo

Journal of International Studies Vol 13/2020 -

The effect of audit committee characteristics on earnings management: The case of Indonesia

AuthorDoddy Setiawan, Lian Kee Phua, Hong Kok Chee, and Irwan Trinugroho

Afro-Asian Journal of Accounting and Finance Vol 10/2020 -

Could risk, corporate governance, and corporate ethics enhance social performance? Evidence from Islamic bank in Indonesia

AuthorHasan Mukhibad dan Doddy Setiawan

Indian Journal of Finance Vol 14/2020 -

Introduction to symposium: recent development in finance and banking in emerging market

AuthorIrwan Trinugroho, Siong Hook Law, Doddy Setiawan, and Muhammad Agung Prabowo

Emerging Market Finance and Trade Vol 56/2020 -

Transactional and relational approaches to political connections and the cost of debt

AuthorTaufiq Arifin, Iftekhar Hasan, and Rezaul Kabir

Journal of Corporate Finance 2020 -

How the Indonesian stock market has performed during Covid-19 outbreaks?

AuthorTaufiq Arifin, Josephine Yau Tan Hwang, Doddy Setiawan, and Y Anni Aryani

International Journal of Business and Society 2020 -

Motives for fixed assets revaluations: empirical study in Indonesian Stock Exhange

AuthorSri Hastuti, Bambang Sutopo, Ari Kuncara Widagdo and Doddy Setiawan

International Journal of Economics, Business and Management Research Vol 4/2020 -

Gender and conservatism: A cross-countries study

AuthorPutri Anindya Listya Purwa and Doddy Setiawan

Jurnal Akuntansi dan Bisnis Vol 20/2020 -

Balance Scorecard: Is it beneficial enough? A literature review

AuthorRatnaningrum, Y Anni Aryani, and Doddy Setiawan

Asian Journal of Accounting Perspective Vol 13/2020 -

Effect of Financial Development on Innovation: Roles of Market Institutions

AuthorIrwan Trinugroho, Siong Hook Law, Weng Chang Lee, Jamal Wiwoho

Economic Modelling Vol 103/2021 -

Is Spin-Off Policy an Effective Way to Improve Performance of Islamic Banks? Evidence from Indonesia

AuthorIrwan Trinugroho, Wimboh Santoso, Rikianto Irawanto, Putra Pamungkas

Research in International Business and Finance Vol 56/2021 -

Adoption of digital technologies for micro and small business in Indonesia

AuthorIrwan Trinugroho, Putra Pamungkas, Jamal Wiwoho, Sylviana Maya Damayanti, Teddie Pramono

Finance Research Letters Article In Press -

How has the Indonesian stock market performed during Covid-19 outbreaks?

AuthorJosephine Yau Tan Hwang, Taufiq Arifin, Doddy Setiawan, Y Anni Aryani

International Journal of Business and Society Vol. 22, No 3 (2021) -

CEO Characteristics and Environmental Performance: Evidence from Indonesian Banks

AuthorNurmadi Harsa Sumarta, Muhammad Agung Prabowo, Prihatnolo Gandhi Amidjaya, Edy Supriyono, Agista Putri Prameswari

International Journal of Business and Society Vol. 22, No 3 (2021) -

Do Social-Economy Vulnerability Indeks and Poverty Index Have Correlation? Study in Bengawan Solo Watershed

AuthorSuryanto, Ratih Kumalasari, Danur C. Guritno, Nugroho Saputro, Sabar Marniyati

International Journal of Business and Society Vol. 22, No 3 (2021) -

Rural Bank and Regional Economic Development: Evidence from Indonesia

AuthorJamal Wiwoho, Nugroho Saputro, Putra Pamungkas, Irwan Trinugroho, Moch. Doddy Ariefianto, Fransisca Sestri Goestjahjantie

International Journal of Business and Society Vol. 22, No 3 (2021) -

Banks’ Liquidity Management Dynamics: Evidence from Indonesia

AuthorMoch. Doddy Ariefianto, Irwan Trinugroho, Evan Lau, Bruno S. Sergi

International Journal of Emerging Markets 2021 -

Is transactional political connection more valuable to firms than relational political connection?

AuthorTaufiq Arifin, Rezaul Kabir, Katherin Marthon, Sutaryo Sutaryo

Economic and Political Studies, Forthcoming -

Related bank deposits: Good or bad for stability?

AuthorAldy Fariz Achsanta, Tastafiyan Risfandy, Putra Pamungkas, Irwan Trinugroho

Eurasian Economic Review 2021 -

Financial Technology and Bank Risk: a Cross Country Study

AuthorNugroho Saputro, Ariyanto Adhi Nugroho, Irwan Trinugroho

International Symposia in Economic Theory and Econometrics Vol 28/2021 -

CEO’s Social Capital and Performance of Zakat Institutions: Cross-Country Evidence

AuthorMuhammad Fahmi Syakir, Tastaftiyan Risfandy, Irwan Trinugroho

Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance Vol 31/2021 -

Women in a dual board system and dividend policy

AuthorTimotius Radika, Tastaftiyan Risfandy, and Leo Indra Wardhana

Bulletin of Monetary Economics and Banking 2021 -

How rural banks respond to monetary transmission via bank lending channel? Evidence from Indonesia

AuthorNugroho Saputro, Irwan Trinugroho, Yunastiti Purwaningsih, AM Soesilo, Putra Pamungkas

International Journal of Economics and Management, Forthcoming -

Performance accountability in Indonesian local governments: Does monitoring really work?

AuthorMuhtar, Taufiq Arifin, Sutaryo

International Journal of Business and Society Volume 2 (2)/2021 -

The effectiveness of government internal auditor: evidence from Indonesia

AuthorSutaryo, Arifudin Tri Anto

International Journal of Accounting, Auditing and Performance Evaluation, Forthcoming -

Government Internal Control System and Local Government Administration Performance: Evidence from Indonesian Local Governments

AuthorJaka Winarna, Muhtar, Sutaryo

Public Finance Quarterly, Forthcoming -

Dynamic linkages among transparency, income inequality and economic growth in developing countries: Evidence from panel vector autoregressive (PVAR) model

AuthorPoh San Chia, Siong Hook Law, Irwan Trinugroho, Jamal Wiwoho, Sylviana Maya Damayanti, Bruno S. Sergi

Research in International Business and Finance Vol 60/2022 -

Does a Foreign Board Improve Corporate Social Responsibility?

AuthorDoddy Setiawan, Rayenda Khresna Brahmana , Andi Asrihapsari and Siti Maisaroh

Sustainability Vol 13/2021 -

Board Remuneration and Risk-Taking in Islamic Banks

AuthorGaluh Aristika F, Djoko Suhardjanto, Akhmad Akbar S., Tastaftiyan Risfandy

International Journal of Economics and Management Vol 5(1)/2021 -

Jurnal Nasional

The use of information technology by restaurants in Joglosemar, the mainstay city of Indonesian culinary

AuthorAndi Asri Hapsari dan Doddy Setiawan

Jurnal Manajemen dan Pemasaran Jasa Vol 13/2020 -

Islamic corporate governance and performance based maqashid sharia index – study in Indonesia

AuthorHasan Mukhibad, Mahameru Rossy Rochmatullah, Warsina, Rahmawati, dan Doddy Setiawan

Jurnal Siasat Bisnis Vol 24/2020 -

Accrual earnings management and future performance: evidence from family firms in Indonesia

Author Edy Supriyanto dan Doddy Setiawan

Jurnal Akuntansi dan Auditing Indonesia Vol 24/2020 -

Analisis metode penelitian pada bidang CSR di Indonesia

AuthorAprilia Rahmawati, Beltien Hanny Pramasterina dan Doddy Setiawan

Jurnal Aplikasi Bisnis dan Manajemen Vol 6/2020 -

Substitution between accrual and real earnings management: The role of independent commissioners and audit committee

AuthorSri Hastuti, Doddy Setiawan dan Ari Kuncara Widagdo

Jurnal Keuangan dan Perbankan Vol 24/2020 -

Gender in Accounting Research: Recent development in Indonesia.

AuthorPutri Anindya Listya Purwa, Doddy Setiawan dan Lian Kee Phua

Jurnal Akuntansi dan Bisnis Vol 20/2020 -

Dinamika penelitian sistem informasi akuntansi di Indonesia

AuthorResi Intan Penatari, Doddy Setiawan dan Djoko Suhardjanto

Jurnal Akuntansi Multiparadigma Vol 11/2020 -

Corporate Social Responsibility dan kinerja perusahaan: studi pada perusahaan yang terdaftar di Jakarta Islamic Index

AuthorY Anni Aryani dan Doddy Setiawan

Matrik: Jurnal Manajemen, Strategi Bisnis dan Kewirausahaan Vol 14/2020 -

Clustering and regional growth in the housing market: Evidence from Indonesia

AuthorAriyanto Adhi Nugroho, Muhammad Yusuf Indra Purnama, dan Laela Rizki Fauzia

Jurnal Keuangan dan Perbankan Vol 24/2020 -

Overtime risk preference and its determinants: Evidence from Indonesia

AuthorMuhammad Yusuf Indra Purnama, Linggar Ikhsan Nugroho

Sebelas Maret Business Review Vol 5/2020 -

Local Banking Structure and Firms’ Performance

AuthorRosita Mei Damayanti, Putra Pamungkas

Jurnal Keuangan Perbankan 2020 -

Liquidity Management, Corporate Investment, and Presidential Election

AuthorTaufiq Arifin, Payamta, Normaziah Mohd Nor

Jurnal Akuntansi dan Bisnis Vol 20/2021 -

Islamic banks’ stability: Full-fledged vs. Islamic Windows

AuthorArief Ichwanul Hasan & Tastaftiyan Risfandy, Ph.D.

Journal of Accounting and Investment Vol 22/2021 -

Islamic banking market discipline in Indonesia

AuthorJoko Suliyono & Tastaftiyan Risfandy, Ph.D.

Journal of Islamic Monetary Economics and Finance Vol 7/2021 -

Board of Commissioner’s Structure, Ownership Retention, and IPO Underpricing: Evidence from Indonesia

AuthorDoddy Setiawan, Muhammad Agung Prabowo, Irwan Trinugroho, Bany Arifin Amin Noordin

Etikonomi Vol 19(1)/2021 -

The impact of COVID- 19 on the tourism sector in Indonesia

AuthorAninda Restikadewi, Evandi Syahrul Ramadhan, Ayya Agmulia Asmarani Islam

Sebelas Maret Business Review Vol 6/2021 -

How did Tokopedia assist economic recovery through the MSMEs during the Covid-19 pandemic?

AuthorInas Nurfaida Futri, Fifi Afisah, Nugroho Saputro

Sebelas Maret Business Review Vol 6/2021 -

Airline strategy during Covid-19 outbreak: A case study from Air Asia

AuthorDyah Nikita Sari, Nur Hayuning Ramadhani, Agista Putri Prameswari

Sebelas Maret Business Review Vol 6/2021 -