UNS Fintech Center is Part of First Cluster in PUI-PT Clustering 2020

UNS Fintech Center is Part of First Cluster in PUI-PT Clustering 2020

The Center for Fintech and Banking, Universitas Sebelas Maret (UNS Fintech Center) Surakarta, succeeded in accomplishing a great achievement by included in the First Cluster in PUI-PT Clustering for 2020, Friday (19/2/2021). 

This achievement is based on the Monitoring and Evaluation result conducted by the Director-General (Ditjen) Higher Education (Dikti) Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud) RI. With only 4 (four) centers of excellence included in the first cluster from the total 28 centers of excellence.

The assessment covers two main criteria namely academic excellence, and commercialization and implementation. For the center excellence focused on science, academic excellence holds 70% weight of the total score. Meanwhile, for the center for excellence focused on product, the commercialization, and implementation criteria hold a similar weight.

For the academic excellence section, there are several indicators including an invitation to international conferences or invitation as a speaker in international events, international institution visitation to the center of excellence, publication in a national accredited journal, and scientific publication in an international reputable journal. 

On the commercialization and implementation, the indicators are research contract at the national level, research contract at the international level, and non-research contract (training, technology transfer, and consultative service). Other indicators are local wisdom-based products, licensed products, business contracts for product commercialization with the industry, business units providing service according to staff’s competency, and MSME coaching.

From all of the indicators, the UNS Fintech Center has met all minimum requirements. Even for some indicators, our achievement exceeds the minimum requirement. For instance, publication in international Scopus journal, which requires 15 published articles, we managed to publish 26 articles.

In this clustering, the Ditjen Dikti divides PUI-PT into four clusters, with the following provision, first cluster with more than 700 points, second cluster with total points between 500-700, third cluster with total points between 300-500, and fourth cluster with less than 300 total points.