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Financial Technology (Fintech) has been growing rapidly over the last few years along with the penetration of the internet and smartphone. The technological-based financial innovations (payment and electronic money, funding, investment, etc.) should play a key developmental role in improving financial inclusion, empowering the poor, and reducing their vulnerability, which leads to inclusive growth and development. This ‘mobile revolution’ opens up a set of possibilities for innovation in the delivery mechanism for financial services and transactions for the poor as well as micro-enterprises.

As a part of UNS Summer School which offers four courses this year, Fintech Summer Course aims to introduce various aspects of Fintech. Students are given an initial understanding of ‘what is Fintech’ and ‘the Fundamental of Technology used in Fintech’. Afterward, the course will touch on the material regarding the market and Fintech product started from the trends and opportunities in the Fintech Ecosystem and the implementation of Fintech in banking, payment, funding, investment, e-commerce industry, and small-medium enterprises and home industry. Students will also be equipped with an understanding of personal financial planning, career plans in the Fintech industry, the role of the regulators, and data protection or security in the digital era.

After completing the whole modules, students are expected to have a better understanding and knowledge about Financial Technology from various aspects.

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Our Previous

UNS Fintech Summer Course 2020

August 10 - 14, 2020 - Online Via Zoom

What We've learned

Introduction to Financial Technology
Understanding the Fundamental of Technology
Trends and Opportunities of Fintech Ecosystem
E-Commerce Industry and Fintech Collaboration
How Banks Adapt with Fintech: Digital Banking
Raising Fund and Investment with Fintech: Crowdfunding
Peer-to-Peer Lending
Fintech Application in SME and Home Industry
Fintech Start-Up and Venture Capital
Fintech and Personal Financial Planning
How to Pursue Career in Fintech Industry
Fintech: Financial Regulator and Recent Policy
Consumer Data Protection and Security in the Digital Age

The Instructors

Lesly Goh

Senior Technology Advisor

Lee Kuan Yew School

Taufiq Arifin, Ph.D

Faculty Member


Ruth Tachneng, Ph.D

Faculty Member

Universite de Limoges - France

Tastaftiyan Risfandy Ph.D

Faculty Member


Aref Mahdavi Ardekani, Ph.D

Postdoctoral Fellow in Fintech

University of Paris

Dr. Sylviana Maya Damayanti, CFP

Faculty Member

School of Business and Management, ITB

Dr. Dwi Wulandari, CFP

Faculty Member

Universitas Negeri Malang

Clarissa Alvina Gunawan

Associate Value Creation

Alpha JWC Ventures

Mr. Sukarela Batunanggar

Deputy Commissioner

Indonesia Financial Service Authority Institute and Digital Finance

Hanifah Makarim

Acting Director for Access to Finance, Deputy for Industry and Investment, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy / Tourism and Creative Economy Agency

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